FC Exports Ltd: Imagesetters, Computer to Plate and materials for the Graphic Arts
Exports of graphic arts equipment and materials to Africa, Europe and the Middle East
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FC Exports

FC Exports is a leading provider of specialist printing machinery and materials to international markets.

Distributors of the latest Kodak Computer to Plate (CtP) machinery, FC Exports is proud to have helped clients to transform their businesses through use of new digital technology. After installing digital technology, clients commonly see a considerable uplift in their business as a result of quicker turnarounds, reliable performance and higher quality output. For clients with smaller businesses, FC Exports also provides a wide range of refurbished imagesetters and CtP equipment from partners Glunz and Jensen.

Headquartered just a few miles from central London and with local offices across Nigeria, FC Exports has established a solid reputation in West Africa and beyond as a reliable and trusted industry partner.

For FC Exports, helping clients identify the right equipment for their needs is just the beginning of a successful long term relationship. Hundreds of pre press and print businesses across Nigeria, Ghana and West Africa are thriving thanks to FC Exports' supportive advice, installation and maintenance programmes.

In addition, whilst for many companies, receiving on-time delivery of vital printing consumables presents challenges, FC Exports' streamlined supply chain across West Africa enables its clients to keep their equipment running. This minimises downtime and increases profitability for their business.


  • Kodak Computer to Plate (CtP) machinery
  • Refurbished Glunz and Jensen CtP equipment
  • Printing plates, films and inkjet materials through our efficient supply chain
  • A leading international installation and service programme

For further information on how FC Exports can help deliver market leading CtP equipment and materials to your business, please contact us.

Authorised Kodak Reseller
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