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Computer to Plate

Computer to Plate, or CtP, is a digital imaging technology that takes the place of Computer to Film (CtF). With CtP, the image is transferred digitally from a DTP (Desk Top Publishing) application to the printing plate.

As a licensee of Kodak printing technology in West Africa and associated regions, FC Exports specialises in the supply of leading CtP equipment using Kodak's Squarespot imaging technology. For clients with smaller businesses, FC Exports is also able to supply quality refurbished Glunz and Jensen Platesetter machinery.

Kodak Magnus 800 Platesetter

The Kodak Magnus 800 Platesetter provides the highest levels of throughput and automation.

  • Uses Kodak's Squarespot Imaging Technology for stability, accuracy and repeatability in imaging
  • Photorealistic print results with 20-micron or optional 10-micron Kodak Staccato Screening
  • Images up to 60 plates per hour
  • Double the laser power and broader imaging latitude through an advanced new thermal head
  • Optional Automatic Pallet Loader, maximizing plate making efficiency

Kodak Trendsetter 800

  • Based on trusted Trendsetter technology
  • Uses Kodak's Squarespot Imaging Technology
  • Powerful new thermal imaging head
  • Plate consistency time after time
  • Increased efficiency due to fewer remakes
  • Photorealistic results using 10-micron Kodak Staccato Screening and Kodak digital plates
  • 20% smaller footprint than the previous model, reducing shipping and space requirements
  • Eliminates the plate processor and chemistry from plate making process

Glunz and Jensen Platewriter 3000

FC Exports are agents for Glunz and Jensen and provide new and quality refurbished Platewriter equipment. One of the most popular machines in this range is the Glunz and Jensen Platewriter 3000.

  • Excellent value CtP system that uses inkjet technology, delivering press ready plates without any chemical processing
  • Semi-automated plate registration system enables multiple plate sizes and gauges with no changes
  • Offers a great value solution for making the transition to CtP

For Further Information

To learn more about the latest Computer to Plate equipment and to see a demonstration of Kodak or Glunz and Jensen CtP equipment, please contact us.

For further details of FC Exports' quality refurbished CtP machinery, please visit www.usedprepressequipment.co.uk.

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